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$1 Billion and Counting. Brunswick County real estate market sees strong sales, higher prices, more new listings in May

Brunswick County’s residential real estate market closed out May in strong shape, surpassing $1 billion in year-to-date sales volume in only five months. While the number of homes sold in May was down slightly compared to 2023, the total was the highest of any month so far in 2024. The market also saw higher prices and more new listings in May.

“I don’t think I can emphasize how significant it is that we’ve already hit $1 billion in total sales this year,” said Cynthia Walsh, CEO of the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR). “To hit $1 billion in five months, when a decade ago we couldn’t hit $1 billion in a year, shows the growth and continued strength of our market. Inventory has steadily grown this year, but with consistent gains in sales volume and units sold we expect demand to continue to meet supply.”

New listings increased 15.4% in May, from 603 to 696, while the number of units sold decreased 3.8%, from 583 to 561. Average sale prices increased 4.8%, from $464,830 to $486,971, and median sale prices increased 1.9%, from $374,000 to $381,115. Total sales volume increased 0.8%, from $271,000,000 to $273,190,000. Thanks to steady increases in new listings this year, the months supply of inventory is now four months. Below five months is typically considered seller’s market territory.

Year-to-date sales volume through May totaled $1,101,480,000, up 54.8% from $711,610,583 at the same point in 2023. The average year-to-date sale price increased 38.9% compared to the same point in 2023, from $349,087 to $484,907, while the median sale price increased 29.2%, from $292,133 to $377,425. The number of units sold through May is up 3.8% compared to last year, from 2,173 to 2,255 and the number of new listings increased 25.2%, from 2,788 to 3,491.

Brunswick County Residential Real Estate Market Update - May 2024

New Listings

May 2024: 696

May 2023: 603

Increase/Decrease: +15.4%

Units Sold

May 2024: 561

May 2023: 583

Increase/Decrease: -3.8%

Average Sales Price

May 2024: $486,971

May 2023: $464,830

Increase/Decrease: +4.8%

Median Sales Price

May 2024: $381,115

May 2023: $374,000

Increase/Decrease: +1.9%

Total Sales Volume

May 2024: $273,190,000

May 2023: $271,000,000

Increase/Decrease: +0.8%%

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